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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  July 25, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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visiting family in san jose was killed in an apartment fire today. >> good evening. i'm ann notarangelo.
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an 8-year-old girl visiting san jose was killed in an apartment fire. it broke out about 1:30 on hamilton avenue in the willow glend area. anne makovec shows us the extent of the damage. >> reporter: >> it's something hard to witness. >> reporter: dozens of people that live in this apartment building witnessed a fire that killed an 8-year-old girl. >> i was traumatized. i saw the body coming out and i started crying, me and my girlfriend. >> reporter: the two moved in four days ago. they woke to screams at 1:30 a.m. coming from an apartment across the pool. >> we see the fire coming out the window. >> reporter: six minutes after the 9-11 call, the first fire engine arrived to find most of the people in the apartment made it out. one girl was trapped in the back bedroom. >> fire crews found her and brought her out. >> reporter: that girl, adileni gomez-macedo and eight
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other people were taken to the hospital including a woman that appeared to have fainted in shock. there the little girl was pronounced dead. in a complex where most people new each other, the news hit hard. this man had just seen her. >> swimming yesterday when the girls were going to an event. they all had little dresses on. >> reporter: it turned out to be the 8-year-old's last day. >> our prayers go out to the family. >> reporter: six apartments are evacuated today. those that can still get in to their apartments aren't sure they want to. >> it's hard to be here right now knowing that that happened and knowing that's right across the way. i feel bad for the family. >> reporter: at least one neighbor we spoke with criticized the response time. that could get worse. the engine company responsible for pulling the girl out of the apartment is slated to close at the end of this month. anne makovec, cbs 5.
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>> two other homes in san jose caught fire this morning. one broke out at a duplex on witten avenue about an hour after the fatal hamilton fire. just before 4:30 there was a third fire at an apartment on fourth avenue near o'connor hospital. there weren't any life- threatening injuries. but san jose firefighters say all the fires highlight the importance of keeping the city's fire station open. they rallied at one of fire stations that may close starting a week from today. concern is growing about the two american sailors missing in afghanistan. in the bay area, a soldier killed in afghanistan earlier this month was laid to rest. don knapp has the latest. >> reporter: the war has ended for the young soldier from napa county, in what is shaping up to be the deadliest month in afghanistan. anxious wait continues for two military sailors believed
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captured by the taliban. he was a napa high school grad. at the time of his death in afghanistan at 21 years of age, army specialist chase stanley served a 15 month tour in iraq. he was killed july 14th with three fellow soldiers when an ied destroyed their vehicle. kyle davenport served with him from day one in the army through service in iraq for four years. >> definitely miss him. he was a great man. made sure he took care of everybody around here. great guy. i will always love him. >> reporter: 15 u.s. gis have been killed in afghanistan this week putting july to be the deadliest since the war began with 50 americans dead according to the military times online. >> this is a hard struggle. and general petraeus has said very clearly that it's likely to get worse before it gets better. >> reporter: meanwhile, a
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massive manhunt continues for two missing u.s. navy men. cbs news reports the taliban claims one is dead and they want to exchange his body for insurgent prisoners. >> we will do all we can, everything. large number of forces focused on the return of these individuals. >> reporter: the two servicemen were believed to be heading back to their base in kabul when they apparently ran into taliban fighters. there was a gun fight and a representative said one was killed and the other captured. u.s. military is searching earn afghanistan for the two men south of kabul. >> it serves to remind of the challenges that we have and also the service and sacrifices that so many make. newly leaked classified documents portray a war more grime. it shoes in fine detail why
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after the u.s. spent $300 billion, the taliban is stronger than it was in 2001 and says the war is hamstrung by the questionable competence and loyalty of afghan police and soldiers but it does not cover the effects of increased troops in afghanistan this year. >> are these documents new information that we haven't heard before. >> apparently the times says nothing conflicts with what we may know but puts it in one place. >> it's a distressing one for people to hear this. >> especially when you hear things like the taliban using perhaps shoulder mounted heat seeking missiles to bring down aircraft and could they be the missiles that we provided to help fight the soviets. transit commuters could face more delays. about 200 ac transit drivers called in sick last week. that is about twice the number of sick calls. union reps say it's not a sickout.
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they say workers are trying to adjust to new schedules and routes imposed by the agency's new interim contract. an official says if there is no agreement between the two sides, there could be layoffs and more disruption in service. >> if the union is successful, there could be significant and severe cuts as well as union drivers may lose their jobs. the unjanuary may not know -- union may not know what they are bargaining for. many layoffs could occur and many will lose their service routes. >> the two sides head to court on july 30th. big salaries, big outrage. armed with signs, their voices and passion, the folks in california are protesting. the outrage continues over excessive salaries for some city
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the outrage continues over excessive salaries for city leaders in bell, california. residents of the community in california went to the city administrators homes and businesses today. they are calling for the mayor an council members to resign. >> reporter: bell residents marching on a mission today, visiting the homes and businesses of their mayor and three city council members who are making $100,000 this year for the part time job at city hall. >> for them to sit in a part- time job getting that much money, it's outrageous. >> reporter: they make about $75 a year. they support a family of six on that. that's $25,000 less than the part timers at city hall. >> we work hard.
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we don't deserve that. >> reporter: they joined the march carrying a sign stating stop the fraud. they stopped at the council members homes. about 150 residents urging them to resign. >> part time job -- i want a job like that but then i would be as corrupt as them. >> reporter: it didn't appear any of them were home. i knocked on doors where it was accessible. neighbors say the council member that lives here drove off hours earlier. a rally followed the march at city hall. tomorrow night the show down. bell residents get to voice their opinions at the city council meeting. >> it will be chaos, a circus. >> reporter: bell residents will demand the mayor and three city council members resign or face recall. >> that was greg mills reporting. former san jose police chief joseph mcnamara came out in favor of the proposition to
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legalize and regulate marijuana. he is a research fellow at the hoover institution wrote one of the ballot arguments in favor of proposition 19. he said continuing to enforce the laws takes valuable time and resources from police officers to prevent more serious crimes. >> the fiscal problems alone indicate that we shouldn't be wasting scares resources on a crime that doesn't do very much harm. >> mcnamara says the war against marijuana has not been successful and caused violence and corruption and turned millions into criminals. a stanford graduate student running his first marathon ever won the san francisco marathon today. about 24,000 people ran the race that winds through the city for 26 miles. the winner, 25-year-old keith bechtol posted an unofficial
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time of 2 hours 23 minutes and 28 seconds. if that holds, it's a new record for the race. emily harsin from durham, north carolina, won the women's full marathon. from metal to blue grass, where you can hear a wide range of music in the bay area. lawrence will be up next with a look at the forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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kicking up their heels at today's "all shook down" music festival. the event took place at 10 different venues in north
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it featured 30 to in san francisco people were shaking up their heels. the event took place at ten driven news featuring ten bands. organizers wanted to bring bands with different music styles to one festival. the san francisco symphony did what it does best providing a relaxing way to spend sunday afternoon. today was the symphony's eight annual free concert. they had an instrument petting zoo where they hosted children to see their instruments. the music changes your frame of mind. >> put you to sleep. >> or relaxes you. i haven't been working as many
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hours as you have. >> fog around the bay area. big time thunderstorms over the sierra nevada. an interesting day as we had just about evening across california. still heading out the door right now, looking good. except at the coastline you have the low clouds and the fog. look at all the people flocking to the beach. next to no one out there because it's been so darn cold out to the coastline. you head inland, you got plenty of sunshine. that will be the case the next couple of days. we will see more clouds and cooler temperatures. you know what, it was interesting over the sierra nevada where we had thunderstorms erupting, dozens of lightning strikes. check out the tahoe area, look at the cells rotate through there. dozens of lightning strikes over the past few hours. that is part of the monsoonal moisture that came through there. all right. let's look at the weather in the bay area. it looks like tomorrow we will
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see sunshine after low clouds and fog early on. it will take longer to burn off. 70s and 80s inland. highs today 82 degrees in livermore. 74 in san jose. 80 livermore. only 59 in pacifica with low clouds and fog. it will be hot in spots around the state. 93 sacramento. 101 in redding. watch out for the thunderstorms in the high country. temperatures in the 80s and 90s there. a lot of that moisture wrapping around the ridge of high pressure toward the sierra nevada. this trough will work its way inland. guess what, cooling trend for the bay area. temperatures are running below average. cooler into the middle of the week. more low clouds and fog on the way. starting out tomorrow morning, a good push. fog into the delta by tomorrow morning. low to burn off. as a result, temperatures will
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be cooler outside. plan on 50s and 60s out to the coastline. inside the bay lots of sunshine and temperatures comfortable, 60s and 70s there. eastbound numbers hot in spots. 88 brentwood. 80 in pleasant hill. northbound temperatures will be running in the 60s and 70s. over the next few days, down we go. as high pressure moves out of the way, the trough moves in cooling the temperatures down. we will warm things up into next weekend. that's a look at weather. here is dennis with sports. >> you will have to excuse john miller for not working today. >> i'm a kid from hayward. i wanted a job where i could eat french fries working. map [ female announcer ] jobs leaving.
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the surging giants were looking for a four-game sweep in arizona since 2001. first inning, pozzie extends the wining streak to 18 straight games. posey hitting .371. game tied in the 8th. extra innings, ellie comes in to score. giants sweep the d-backs.
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3-2 is the final. eugenio velez was placed on 15-day disabled list after getting hit in the head by a foul. he is supposed to travel home with the team tonight. philip seymour hoffman was on hand to watch dallas braydon. 6 and a third and struck out five. a's were down 1-0 in the second with two on. he squeaks one through the infield. one run scores, two-runs score and the a's take the lead. next bart up, kurt suzuki with a --- three runs batted in. he wins for the first time since that perfect game. >> let me get that win and kind of get him on a roll. we are happy to have him back.
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i know our pitching staff is. >> i can quit answering calls from the oakland zoo looking for their monkey. he is off my bat. >> baseball inducted hall of fame class. hey lined by andre dawson, whitey her zaugg. giants john miller described the difficulties of being a father and broadcaster with this story involving his then 3- year-old daughter emily. >> so, i turned and said what is it, em? and she said, dad, i have to go potty. and i jumped up, grabbed her, ran her down to the bathroom, put her in a stall. i said now don't touch anything and don't leave i'll be right back. so i ran back to the booth and the runner is now at first base, but i don't know how he
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got there. it was a three ball two strike count when i left. i turned to the engineer and he's reading a robert parker novel and i say, hey, how did he get on first base, he said, oh, there is a guy on first. >> i guess the parker novel was better. he speck for 22 minutes. in less than two decades, the brickyard has become one of the most prestigious races on the nascar slate. it's tough to run when you don't have a tire. robbie gordon finishes 26. 26 laps to go, juan pablo montoya gets four new tires. everybody else got 2. so he left the pits in 7th place but he didn't recover. but jamie mcmurray benefits from the move. he becomes the third driver to win daytona and the brickyard in the same year.
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moto gp at laguna. he lays it down in turn 5. with that he lost the lead to that man, jorge lorenzo. third straight top 3 finish and sixth win of the year. that's his moon walk. lance armstrong wrapping up the final tour defrance. he finished in 23rd place 39 minutes behind alberto contador. it was a fun ride for contador. he wins the yellow jersey for the third time in four years. jeremy behind is the first player from harvard to make the nba but also the only asian american player in the nba. could he be the most popular warrior of the season. >> i have heard that from my friends but there is no way that is true. i'm basically a rookie and i haven't scored a single point in the nba. i think it's a little too ridiculous to see that. we will see. he will be here tonight plus craig breslow and jeffrey maw.
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that is the smartest game day, an mit guy, a harvard, a yale guy. they are all there 11:30 tonight. >> dennis, thank you. 20 year long battle comes to a happy ending. a handful of gay pastors welcomed back into the fold in san francisco. why they were forced to leave their former pull pits. that story and more at 10:00 on the cw and at 11:00. that's it for this edition. cbs news is next. have a good night. ,,,,
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